Family Law

We understand that deadline with familial breakdowns is never easy. We want to ensure that you are guided through your matter with utmost care and attention, as well as kept informed of your options along the way.

We will see you through your proceedings from start to finish. We will arrange times convenient to your schedule and respect that you may require out of hours attention particularly if you are still living with your partner and require discretion.

We offer advice in the following areas:

Divorce / Dissolution / Separation

The decision to divorce or separate is not one which you will have taken lightly, and whilst it may be difficult, we want to assure you that we care about your circumstances, you are not just ‘another case’.  Your case will be dealt with efficiently, with regular updates – we will encourage resolution by effective communication given that cases of these nature often include children.  

Children / Contact arrangements / residence

We will assist you in relation to childcare proceedings and contact arrangements.  We understand that access to your child(ren) is important and that communicating with a difficult partner to arrange contact, or with a local authority (where involved) requires an effective approach.  We are here to ensure that you are given clear and precise advice in order for the best approach to be implemented in any given scenario

During any of the above, we will assist you with applying for the following if required:

  • Non molestation order
  • Occupation order
  • Prohibited steps order

Child abduction

We will assist to be reunited with your child if they have been abducted or taken outside of the United Kingdom without your consent.

Domestic abuse

We appreciate that you may be suffering domestic violence.  You will normally be eligible for legal aid in this situation and we would recommend that you find a legal aid solicitor to assist you by going to the following link (as we do not offer legal aid services): Legal aid: Domestic abuse or violence – GOV.UK (